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Friday, September 26, 2008

"Simply You"

Gah, loved using black cardstock. Sara at 3SB really inspired me with hers so I wanted to give it a whirl. Wanted to squirt out a quick layout this morning. Sometimes that's just what it feels like, like you have to get one out, kwim? :) :)

We went to visit DH's parents last month. They're in a very small town in the middle of no where. We stayed at this funky little motel with fab blue doors :) The girls and I just killed some time one morning taking pictures in front of them. Could have screamed a little when I downloaded them and they were fuzzy. Gotta do something about proper focusing :)

Anyway, have a great weekend. I've got tons of work to get to.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cover Girl :)

Wasn't thrilled with either the scan or photograph, so I'll post them both :)

I was excited and all when Emily was on the cover of Memory Makers a few years back. But as time goes on and I don't submit anymore, I really cherish this cover now! We were just waiting for the school bus one morning when I snapped this picture in front of an azalea in the yard. She had dressed herself, with a hot pink hat that matched her hot pink cast from her broken elbow :( Poor thing. Anyway, Kari from MM used it for a cover. I really miss Kari! She was so awesome to work with. We were moving to Texas, so Kari put the bluebonnet seed packet in the little denim pocket. So sweet!

It makes us smile when we get a flier in the mail that has this cover in the advertisement/post card thingy. Sara is on the cover of a booklet MM gives out with a subscription. I'll have to scrap that ... one day!

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Welcome, Little Chick! And kids keno party...

A card made for Emily's teacher and new baby. DH gave me a Cuttlebug and I thought, hm, I wouldn't really use it. But when I saw the chick die and swirl from QK, I knew I'd keep it!

That card was next to some Valentine decorations for a Valentine's keno party Mitzi and I had at the house for Emily, Shelby and her friends. It was really fun decorating and thinking of their food/table decorations.

I'm thinking it's time to throw another shindig - just need to think of a theme...any ideas for 11/12 year old girls for keno?

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Date with Mr. Campy/Greetings from Camp Grady Spruce

Mr. Campy from Cosmo Cricket, I just thought that was the cutest stuff when I saw it. Had to have it since we have tons of camping photos.

Camping in December, we decorated our girls' cabin for Christmas, of course, complete with a little tree and stockings on their bunks. We'd serve them hot cocoa in the morning before heading out and in the evening - so cute!

Each year in fifth grade, our elementary school goes to the most awesome YMCA camp for three days. It's environmental learning, where the classrooms are conducted as you stop during the hikes. They do the whole bit: fishing, archery, horseback riding, learn to build campfires, smores - you name it, they cram it in those three exhausting, fun days!

Whoever caught the first fish had to kiss it. Dillan caught the first one, and biggest one, but Evan just had to kiss it - ewww! When we got home, I framed Dillan's fish picture and sent it to school for DD to give to him :)

A shot of one of the "classroom" stops on the hike, doing an experiment on the limestone.

Em and her best friend :)

Felix was so full of energy. He kept the kids in line and in stitches with his humor.
He's going to school to be a doctor then taking that skill back home to his country. Awesome guy.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Party On!

Hmph. It's a bad scan - the color is off.

Just been into really crazy pages lately. I guess my next one should be more ... structured or something. Maybe I'll try a sketch from someone. This was a challenge from 3SB I've been inspired by. Thanks, Sara, for the challenge!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Days :)

I was so ridiculously inspired when I saw this layout and tree by Loretta Grayson. I never go look at the garden girls stuff - I just forget. But there were some treats there! Anyway, had to give Loretta's layout a whirl with these fun pictures of the girls in their 1950s costumes for the school dance. They were so excited when the costumes arrived in the mail. They twirled around and waited in the yard for DH to come home so they could show him :)

Here's Loretta's - much more structured than mine :)

I've got a heck of a mess to go clean up now, just from making one layout and three ATCs today?! Sigh.


I just had to have this ATC holder a few months ago. Then it sat and sat. I found a fun and inspiring message board to hang out at, and it got me going on a little scrapping mojo.

I've got to go clean up the huge mess I made in the living room making these. My office is a tornado and I keep dragging stuff in the living room to work on, making a mess in there, too!

Happy Sunday.

Friday, September 5, 2008

At the Lake

Can't wait to work with the rest of the Mr. Campy stuff from Cosmo - so many camping pictures I still want to do!

Latest Mini

The latest mini I finished up a week or so ago...not sure that the lake theme and glitter and bling go together, but what they hey :)

Last Few of the Latest Mini

The last few pages of my latest mini:

The color is wayyyy off, but you get the idea...

Once Upon a Time...

Man, I love the new Storybook cartridge from Cricut. Love love.

Loved taking the girls down to Sea World. We loaded up the camper and dogs and found a perfect R.V. place a mile away from the entrance to Sea World. The best part was they had a shuttle that ran every hour, so we didn't even have to worry about parking and long lines of traffic in the morning or evening.

The R.V. place was nice and clean and we would swim with the girls at night when we got home. We rented a car the last couple of days and did the typical Alamo tour, River Walk, Ripley's Believe it or Not and a creepy haunted house.

Mini Madness

Love a good mini - here are some covers from older ones I've done. I'm trying to get all my stuff in one place instead of in a bunch of different galleries here and there.

We Love October!

Some days you just feel like making a messy, fun page, right? That's what October is like - messy and crazy, busy :)

Ice Storm

This was such a perfect day. We woke up to some ice (big deal here in Texas), and
school was closed. So we head out and played in it all morning.

We came in later, watched some movies and scrapped - had hot chocolate and the works. It was a perfect day.

The Journey is the Reward

Little Em came home from school one day, quietly got her crackers in a bowl for snack,
went and got her favorite Little Pet Shops and carefully lined them up around the bowl to watch her do homework and settled in. She was so sweet, quiet and deliberate about it and I just loved watching her do it :) Who knew you could love someone so much???

Altered Puzzle Piece?

Not sure why, but a mb friend asked some girls to alter puzzle pieces for her. This is what I came up with. Gesso'd and painted it, cut out a little fairy. For the branch she is sitting on, I read a neat trick years ago in a book given to me by a friend that really got me inspired - Holly, I miss you - anyway, lay out a sheet of aluminum foil.

Cover the foil with a layer of paper towel for a rougher surface or tissue for a softer surface. Cover the foil and paper towel with Mod Podge using a foam brush. When it's dry, it's a great little moldable canvas that you can paint, ink, stamp, mold, whatever. I twisted mine up for the 3-D branch here. Super fun. Wish I could remember the name of the book to credit, but that was several moves ago :)

First acrylic album

Played around with this when they first hit the market...