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Monday, September 15, 2008

A Date with Mr. Campy/Greetings from Camp Grady Spruce

Mr. Campy from Cosmo Cricket, I just thought that was the cutest stuff when I saw it. Had to have it since we have tons of camping photos.

Camping in December, we decorated our girls' cabin for Christmas, of course, complete with a little tree and stockings on their bunks. We'd serve them hot cocoa in the morning before heading out and in the evening - so cute!

Each year in fifth grade, our elementary school goes to the most awesome YMCA camp for three days. It's environmental learning, where the classrooms are conducted as you stop during the hikes. They do the whole bit: fishing, archery, horseback riding, learn to build campfires, smores - you name it, they cram it in those three exhausting, fun days!

Whoever caught the first fish had to kiss it. Dillan caught the first one, and biggest one, but Evan just had to kiss it - ewww! When we got home, I framed Dillan's fish picture and sent it to school for DD to give to him :)

A shot of one of the "classroom" stops on the hike, doing an experiment on the limestone.

Em and her best friend :)

Felix was so full of energy. He kept the kids in line and in stitches with his humor.
He's going to school to be a doctor then taking that skill back home to his country. Awesome guy.


Jackie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I wish we had school like that when I was a kid:) I gotta get me some of that MR. Campy for all my camping pics! Great pics and I love your layout.

Heather said...

Great layouts! Mr. Campy stuff is on my wish list. Sounds like a great 5th grade trip.

Tara said...

Lovin Mr Campy!! So fresh and funky! Great pics too.

Mara... said...

Awesome camping pics!!! Looks like so much fun.