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Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy to be happy...and a button challenge

Sorry, the layout has gone to CK! :)

This was for a button challenge. I'm not a big button user - actually, I rarely use them. So this was a fun change.
I've loved these pictures, although they're just plain old snapshots. They were taken a few years ago after we moved to Texas and I stayed home instead of continuing to do court reporting.
I LOVED being a reporter so much. But with Matt traveling and no family around, who would pick up the girls from school? Or even take them for that matter, since I'd have to leave home so early. They couldn't be in a sport with any regularity, as our schedules were so unpredictable.
Anyway, I was happy to be happy that I could be the one to pick them up after school, grab a couple of friends, come home and play. It's that simple and it's makes me that happy :)

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