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Friday, September 19, 2008

Cover Girl :)

Wasn't thrilled with either the scan or photograph, so I'll post them both :)

I was excited and all when Emily was on the cover of Memory Makers a few years back. But as time goes on and I don't submit anymore, I really cherish this cover now! We were just waiting for the school bus one morning when I snapped this picture in front of an azalea in the yard. She had dressed herself, with a hot pink hat that matched her hot pink cast from her broken elbow :( Poor thing. Anyway, Kari from MM used it for a cover. I really miss Kari! She was so awesome to work with. We were moving to Texas, so Kari put the bluebonnet seed packet in the little denim pocket. So sweet!

It makes us smile when we get a flier in the mail that has this cover in the advertisement/post card thingy. Sara is on the cover of a booklet MM gives out with a subscription. I'll have to scrap that ... one day!

Have a good weekend, everyone.


Mama Tuttle said...

Wow . . . what a great story!! I think I still have that MM!! What a great memory for you and your daughter!!

Chris said...

It's beautiful, Melissa! It is perfect and being on the cover of MM is a tribute to your talent! It feels so good to be in print, doesn't it? WTG!

Jana said...

Beautiful work, Melissa! I love the layout and being on the cover of MM - WOW!

GinniG said...

WOW! An MM Cover is quite the feather in your caps! Congrats to both of you! LOVE the LO AND the cover! :)

Lucy Chesna said...

I love that layout. I have that magazine still ")

kathi_minikatie said...

What a beautiful memory to have!! Congrats on that cover.