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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Gosh, this new Sassafras Lass is the cutest stuff! "Cute" is very high praise in my book, and this is just the cutest.

I can't believe Sara is 12. She's got the sweetest nature. She was invited to a birthday party for a friend she doesn't really hang around with that much, but she wanted to go. Sara had a different friend sleeping over the night before the birthday party in question. Over breakfast, we were talking about the party. The girl spending the night said she was told she could come to the birthday party, but only for 30 minutes because another girl would be there who doesn't like her and will not stay if Sara's friend stays. When Sara heard the story, she decided she just didn't want to go to someone's party who was being ugly. She wanted no part of any drama. I love that about her.

I had to go to the mall to get a new suit and Sara wanted to go with me. We dropped off the sleepover guest then headed to the mall. She could have changed her mind and gone to the party, but she said, nope, I'd rather just be with you, mom. Aww! Love her so much.

Took her into Claire's to see if there was a trinket she might want. She was wanting what I call "old lady beads," the round plastic big beads girls seem to be wearing around here. She didn't really like them and said she wanted something more "natural". Seconds later, we spy these cute mushroom earrings and owl necklace. She said that's the more natural look she was going for - hee!

So out came this paper right when we got home, of course!

I've got the new Sass Life at the Pole coming from my favorite store, 3 Scrappy Boys! They ship SO fast and I bet I'll have it in a day or two - can't wait to play with it!

1 comment:

janet said...

Your daughter sounds like such a good person! You must be so proud! She is so pretty too! I'm so glad she didn't go to that birthday party...that girl sounds awful.
Gorgeous picture and the necklace and earrings are adorable!
You couldn't ask for better paper!