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Friday, November 28, 2008

Glittery Christmas Houses and a new ornament

I hope everyone who requested a template has received it! If you haven't, let me know.

So I bought a couple of these houses last year when I saw folks doing them. And then they sat. And sat. And sat. Finally got a chance and interest to do them! This one from Kat was fabulous and whimsical when I saw it last year, and Linda Albrecht's last year were so so pretty!
Anyway, poor DH is a neat freak and the girls and I were laughing as we were setting it up that he was going to be very nervous when he saw all the loose "snow" on the table...and sure enough, he was! But he loved it and said it was very pretty and that outweighed his nervousness of the dastardly loose snow :)
And then Emily in a little Christmas scene inside an ornament :)

It would be great if I could take a decent picture! Just not enough hours in a day to learn all there is to know about settings and lighting ... sigh.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sparkly Christmas Wall Hanging

Went by the store to pick up more stuff to make another stocking garland for a friend. Saw this cute stuff at two different stores and couldn't resist trying to make it come out of my head :) Thank you so much, Vicki, for the lovely RAK! Your chip tree and "Wish" are on here and I love them very much. You're a doll.
Have a great Thursday :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Life at the Pole cuteness

Made this for a class this weekend at 3 Scrappy Boys crop. Of course, I can't get a good picture to save my life :) That line is super cute! The bows pull out journaling tags. Click on the images - the close-ups are better.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tiny Holiday Wrapping Stuff

Made these for a crop class this coming weekend at 3 Scrappy Boys :) I'm looking forward to some fun with those girls this weekend! Come by for some scrapping, prizes, games and hanging with the girls!
Can't wait to make Jenn's planner.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Stocking Template

Someone suggested I put a template up for the stocking shape on my blog for those that don't have a Hobby Lobby near them. I'll be happy to make one, but since I'm a new blogger, I don't know how you guys would get it off the blog. :) So if you want a template of the stocking, leave me a note and I'll email it to you, okay? Unless someone has a better suggestion for this baby blogger!

Thanks for all the kind words, girls!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas garland/banner

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I want to get started decorating a little earlier this year and make the season last :) I've never been inclined to make a garland before, but these wooden stockings with jingle bells were so cute! They needed to be on a garland.

It's on Sara's dresser mirror. She loved it when she came home from school today!

I'll post directions below.

Instructions for the Christmas Garland/Banner

Sorry, had to remove the pictures for publishing.


Approximately 9" long wired garland. Mine is made of pearls, but there are all kinds out there!

Wooden stocking with jingle bells. Mine are from Hobby Lobby

Patterned paper of your choice. I just used one sheet of green and one sheet of pink and green (Anna Griffin) and a little scrap of a red/pink polka dot from KI.

Chipboard letters to glitter, or already glittered letters.

Three wooden or chipboard snowflakes.

Red and silver glitter.

Mod Podge and spray sealer.

Stamp pad or chalk if desired for aging/edging.

Red and green tulle. Mine is white and came in a 5.5" wide roll. See tip below for painting tulle.

Thin wire. I used some from 100 years ago when I first started scrapping in my stash.

Cream satin ribbon. Mine is 3.65 m wide.

Six wired ball ornaments. I found them where they have the miniature or smaller scale decorations for Christmas trees.

Glue gun to attach snowflakes to stocking.

The wire pearl garland I found at Joanne's for two bucks. I twisted it around itself lengthwise three times to fit across Sara's mirror.

Unscrew the bells from the stocking. Trace the stocking shape onto pattern paper and cut them out. I adhered mine with Mod Podge, but you can just use whatever adhesive you like. Edge with a brown ink if you like. Reattach the jingle bells.

Cover wooden or chipboard snowflakes with silver glitter. My snowflakes came from Oriental Trading, but there are wooden ones at the craft store. Spray with a spray sealer to keep the glitter in place - works great.

I used the Storybook cartridge from Cricut for the "Ho Ho Ho" letters on the "shorty" setting. I used red cardstock then covered in red glitter and spray sealed.

These wooden stockings came with a little hole for hanging. But I didn't want it hanging too much at an angle, so I taped the wire as shown so it would hang a bit straighter:

It's thin wire, but I just ran it through the hole and across to the other side and secured with tape.

For the poofy netting behind the bows, I used four 8" long pieces of tulle behind each bow. My tulle came on a roll and is 5.5" wide. What I had on hand was white, so I just painted some red and some bright green. Just lay out a sheet of parchment paper or foil, paint the netting with acrylic paint with a foam brush, and you're good to go. Or buy it in the right color to begin with is even easier :) They have colored tulle on rolls and also in the fabric department on bolts. I've found more colored tulle on bolts than on the rolls.

Anyway, lay two red 8" pieces alternating with two green 8" pieces of tulle like in the picture below. You can secure with a bit of wire to make your poof now or wait until you have the bow and ball together and use the wire from the balls to secure the net to the garland. That's what I did.

With the wide satin cream ribbon, make a fat bow, but don't pull it tight yet. Run the wired balls up through the back of the knot of the bow, like this:

Well, the picture is dark and you have to look hard to see the wire poking through the knot.

Tighten the bow. Mine is about 3" wide when done.

Take the bow/ornament, gather up the layered tulle in the center and wrap the wire around the tulle and garland to secure all the pieces together.

This one is in Sara's room and she LOVES it! I'm going to make two more for friends and one for Emily's room. If you make one, let me know so I can see!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Getting in the spirit :)

My favorite photo ever of the girls is this one tiny little picture I have of them on Santa's lap. It's dark and blurry and I just love it anyway. I'm really missing them being that little! Through all of our moves, it keeps popping up here and there in my stuff. So after seeing these oh-so-cute October Afternoon goodies, I decided to finally make a page with it.

Christmas pictures and most papers don't inspire me that much, so I guess I just never scrapped it before now. But I so love the pinks and this shade of blue and green for Christmas stuff, I knew that little picture's time had come :) Throw in some glitter and I'm a happy girl.

I've got the new Sassafras Christmas line coming my way any day and can't wait to scrap some parties I threw for the girls and their friends making gingerbread houses :) Hurry, Sass, hurry!