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Friday, November 28, 2008

Glittery Christmas Houses and a new ornament

I hope everyone who requested a template has received it! If you haven't, let me know.

So I bought a couple of these houses last year when I saw folks doing them. And then they sat. And sat. And sat. Finally got a chance and interest to do them! This one from Kat was fabulous and whimsical when I saw it last year, and Linda Albrecht's last year were so so pretty!
Anyway, poor DH is a neat freak and the girls and I were laughing as we were setting it up that he was going to be very nervous when he saw all the loose "snow" on the table...and sure enough, he was! But he loved it and said it was very pretty and that outweighed his nervousness of the dastardly loose snow :)
And then Emily in a little Christmas scene inside an ornament :)

It would be great if I could take a decent picture! Just not enough hours in a day to learn all there is to know about settings and lighting ... sigh.


Vicki said...

Love this ornament! You are too creative!

Sara said...

What fun projects! I absolutely love paper houses! They are one of my most favorite things to make and embellish - yours are lovely! I didn't receive a stocking template, and would love to have one.
Thanks so much!
Sara :)

Pieces of me said...

Thanks for sending the template. I can't wait to use it.
The houses and the ornament you did are wonderful.
Thank you for all the hard work you do.

jill said...

Fun projects! I'm ready to decorate for the holidays. As soon as dd and ds's birthdays are over.

dashie said...

Here you go again your projects just keep getting better and better.Your houses are so glittery and cosy!Would you please share instructions for the snowglobe ornament.I would love to make some for family members!

Alyssa said...

Those houses are darling! I'm gonna have to see where I can find one of my own to decorate. Good work!!

Casii said...

I adore your paper house projects! Actually I love every single photo on this post. Lurve it!