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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sparkly Christmas Wall Hanging

Went by the store to pick up more stuff to make another stocking garland for a friend. Saw this cute stuff at two different stores and couldn't resist trying to make it come out of my head :) Thank you so much, Vicki, for the lovely RAK! Your chip tree and "Wish" are on here and I love them very much. You're a doll.
Have a great Thursday :)


Anonymous said...

Can you PLEASE share what you used to make this??? These would be great grandparents gifts with a picture of the kids!!! Please do share!

dashie said...

I love this! will you please share with me what supplies ineed to buy? I so enjoy looking at your work it`s the Best.

Linh Chin-Lai said...

Gosh! You have the best ideas! I'm going to make these as Christmas ornaments!

anduin said...

ahhhh Just another project of yours I WANT! lol.. This is another stunning piece.. Will have to find me the snowflake now.. I will have scraplifts of you all over my house lol. Would also like to know where in Walmart you found the snowflake?

~Melissa~ said...

Hi girls! Thanks for your nice comments. I appreciate your kind words!

You had asked about the snowflake in my sparkly wall hanging. I found it at Walmart, of all places! Couldn't believe it. At my Walmart, it was the outdoor section where they have trees and wrapping paper and all that for Christmas.

It was on the aisle where the ornaments are displayed. They were in a box on the bottom shelf. There are silver, white, red and gold. The white would look sooo beautiful, but all my walls are boring beige, so it wouldn't show up.

Give me a shout if you make it - would love to see!


Vicki said...

This is too cute Melissa! The tree looks awesome. Of course, I expected no less. Have a great holiday season!

Mara... said...

Oh wow, those are gorgeous Melissa!!!!! Wonderful holiday projects.

Sara said...

This is sooo beautiful!
I love the stockings garland too. I wish I could buy the wooden cut-outs ready made, but there's no Hobby Lobby near me. Would you please e-mail the template to me???
Thanks so much!
Sara :)

dashie said...

I have searched every WM in my County to find these silver snowflakes and no luck .How big are they? I did see some that where huge. yours don`t look that big. I am going to Palm Beach County tomorrow.Wish me luck.Oh your little ornament holding the peace sign is so cute.

~Melissa~ said...

Dashie, I feel badly I don't have your email addy to contact you, so hope you read this here.

They are the huge snowflakes. The wall hanging is about 2 feet long and a foot wide and it is using one of those fabulous huge snowflakes you're talking about seeing.

I think they're probably meant for trees outdoors or something. Hope this helps!

dashie said...

Melisssa, I am doing the happy dance i found them YAY.I will make them at the weekend.