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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

3-D Scene Inside Clear Ornaments

I've always had this in my head for a few years, but never had the time to get it out :)

The ornament with the tiny "joy" banner came from Hobby Lobby. The second ornament with Emily sitting on the Christmas package came from Michaels. Hobby Lobby's were in the Christmas section, but the ones at Michaels were back in the regular section by the paints and mosaic things. They are clear plastic and break into two parts. I prefer the ones from Hobby Lobby, as they are thinner and do not have as much distortion of prism to them.

Stop by the Christmas section of the craft store where they have decorations for the mini trees and pick up whatever strikes your fancy. I used tiny trees, candy canes, gift boxes, snowflakes and such. Grab a bag of faux snow while you're at it :)

So here we go:
To get Emmie on the gift box, I needed to get an idea of what size image. Take a tiny gift box. Don't glue down, but place the gift inside the ball and guestimate how big your picture needs to be. You can place a ruler behind the ball to get an idea. My image of Em is 2.25" tall and about 2.5" wide at the longest points. Print and trim your photo.
For her angel wings, I did a Google search and found this lovely site, - she had free images of wings. Use some wings from the scrap stash, stamp them or use feathers or iron-on appliques of butterflies, butterfly wings, whatever strikes your fancy. These wings I printed out onto a patterned paper, covered in glitter and then Stickled around the edge. They measure 1.25" x 1" each. Attach to your photo. I used a liquid adhesive for this.

For the ornament above, I placed Em on a tiny gift box. The ribbon has a touch of glue behind it to hold it up in front. The back of the photo is supported by a glue dot cut in half and placed as shown below:

Same idea for the tree, cut the glue dots so it stands straight inside the curve of the ball:
Arrange your little scene. I used hot glue to adhere everything inside, with pop/glue dots to make them even and stand up straight inside the curve of the ball where needed. It will look like this:

Add some snowflakes and close up the ball. I used a foam brush and Mod Podge on the top of the ball, then sprinkled with a course/chunky clear glitter on the top and sides.
Add the wire ornament hanger, tie a bow and add little beads, snowflakes and what have you to the bow. I used a foam brush and Mod Podge again on the edge of the ribbon for a snowy look.

For the ornament below, I used an iron-on applique of a butterfly from the craft store and made a tiny "joy" banner to hang inside. I used tiny Anna Griffin letter stickers from years ago. Placed the letters onto pink cardstock and cut a triangle. I backed that with green paper, then trimmed with small scallop scissors, then Stickled around as shown.
I then took a flat, thin ribbon and simply glued each banner piece to the ribbon. The ribbon was then attached to hang inside the ball with glue. The two glue spots were covered with the tiny yellow flowers.

The snowflakes are simply punched from glitter paper. The top one is bent a tiny bit and hung from the top of the ornament. The second large snowflake is glued a bit behind the tree to make it seem like it is standing on its own. The tiny candy canes are actually glued on their side to the tree, as they really aren't tall enough and would get buried in the "snow" if glued to the bottom of the ball.
So there you have it! Merry Christmas everyone :)


Tessa said...

You are so talented. These are gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing them.

Mara... said...

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! Melissa, I love these. They are the cutest thing EVER!!! Thanks for sharing!

Elisha Drewery said...

These are gorgeous! I LOVE these! I am going to have to try some of these myself!

Michey said...

Holy Moly, I LUUUUUURVE these!!!! So adorable!