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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rashes and Rain - Making Memories Passport

Loving Making Memories stuff right now. They seem to be getting it just right on all their products. And my revamped Michaels is awesome! Picked up the Making Memories, Prima and K and Co. there for this one.

This trip was ridiculous. The first time we took the boat out, it rained. The first time while we were out in the middle of this huge lake, getting used to figuring out the boat, of course! The fog and rain clouds obscured the banks and it was a nail-biter trying to find our way back to our campsite dock, thinking the whole time, "WHY did I let him get this friggin' boat?" :) Our RV spot was a muddy mess and getting the dogs in and out was a pain. But! We hung around and waited out the rain. I like the pictures we got, though :) So it's all good. Never did figure out what that nasty rash was that Sara got.

1 comment:

janet said...

Love that layout!