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Friday, March 20, 2009

New Stuff All Around

This kit had such sweet ribbon! And pretty rub-ons.

So I got a new job! Yay :) I've worked from home for years, but business is slow out there. Folks don't have enough money to sue each other anymore, so my line of work is diminishing. With a massive home repair bill upon us and a new set of braces on Em, it was time for me to start looking. Just so happens my neighbor is an attorney and his secretary was, well, mean. She threw tea in the face of a sweet co-worker during an argument. At a nice law firm. Who does that in this economy? LOL! Crazy I tell ya. So he offered me the job and I snapped it up - whew!

Michelle at Polka Dot Whimsy I thought asked me to do a guest design spot and I was thrilled - such cute kits she has! But I'm up there as a regular on the team, so that's a nice surprise! I really love the girls at 3SB and Heather is awesome, but I wouldn't be able to really participate there as much with the new job and what we're going to go through on the home repair, so I went ahead and resigned. But I love them! PDW doesn't have the same board participation, so I should be okay there.

1 comment:

Cindy said...

House looks great!