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Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Ours!!!

Pics from the realtor's website of our new place!

Oh, my gosh. I was sooo bummed about having that huge repair to our current house, which DH and I both have grown to dislike very much. We decided to lease it out so we can write off some of the repair and purchase our "forever" house...and here it is!! We're all approved and ready to go. Just waiting on the appraisal, since they're running two weeks behind. Guess everyone is busy refinancing. The leasing market is really good right now according to several realtors we spoke with, and there isn't one for lease in our neighborhood, so we'll be good.

Emily's room has this cute built-in stage. The top of the stage is her bed - so cute! The floor is plexiglass with different colored lights underneath :)

There's one room I'll need help in repainting. It's the game room and, boy, do I dislike that blue. I need help in knowing what in the world to do with a room like this. Just paint it all one color???