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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Before I pack them up...

I thought I'd post my favorite Christmas crafts I've made - most of these came from one year of binge-crafting!  There are instructions for the stocking banner and picture ornaments in 2008 on the right side of the blog.  Before I pack them up, here they are!

Hobby Lobby had these cute wooden stocking plain wood ornaments that I made into this garland.

I loved making these houses!!  I need to make a few more...

Made an ornament of Sara and Emily when they were little in a little winter scene :)

Made these with rub-ons and little beads in this nifty-shaped ornament from Hobby Lobby..

Makes me want to get crafty again!  Well, that's it!  Thanks for looking!


Maribeth said...

Great Christmas Crafts. Yes it makes me wish we were just starting the Christmas season so I could get crafting new decorations for next year. Glad you are back blogging, will be looking forward to checking your blog out.

Doreen Vasquez said...

OMG, you're so creative!

Niru said...

Wow! These are so awesome. I totally want to make little houses like thy for next year. Are they something you altered from Hobby Lobby too?

Melissa Smith said...

Hi Niru! Thanks so much! Yes, that's exactly where I got the houses from, Hobby Lobby. I loved doing them. I used scrap paper and Mod Podge, then put glitter over that. Hobby Lobby also has an aisle of small Christmas ornaments and I used that for the decorations outside the house. Loving Hobby Lobby! That's where I got the square glass ornaments, too, that were filled with beads and used rub-ons on them. Thanks again for the kind words! I'm off to visit your blog :) Melissa